Verkiezingsprogramma 2018-2022


Transparent coalition negotiations
The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of public coalition negotiations. Citizens should have full knowledge of what involved parties deem most important during negotiations.

A binding referendum poorly fits with a parliamentary democracy. What should a councillor vote when the result is in contrast with their electoral programm? However, the Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of the non-binding referendum. This stimulates political discussion, amongst others.

Within certain fields, like child support and public transport, it is unavoidable to increase cooperation. However, the democratic control on these organs should be maintained.

Pop music stage
The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of a pop music stage. The locations of the old post office (''oude postkantoor'') or the Aula are excellent for this purpose, in addition to the old building of Unitas (youth association). The Junushoff should increase its role as culture centre and should be used more often as band practice room or as location for musical education.

Culture is of great importance, both for the development of the individual as well as society as a whole. However, cultural activities are getting too expensive for many people. These activities - like music schools, carnaval associations, marching bands, punk bands, visual arts, break dance groups, choir, stand-up comedy or experimental dance - should not be negatively impacted by random decision making or a shortage of suitable locations.

Freedom festival
The Freedom festival (''Bevrijdingsfestival'') does not have to become smaller. However, the volunteers and local horeca (food service) owners should have a prominent role in the organisation.

Wageningen currently, with the 4th/5th of May and several other festivals (like ''leeffestival''), already has sufficient big events.

Opening hours
The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of a night bar, but also in favour of regulating normal bars. Current rules suffice, according to the SP.

​Business owners should collectively agree on their opening times. Small business owners should be taken into account here, to assure fair competition with big companies.

Dog tax stays
Dogs have a big influence on the use of public space, which costs money.

Social service
Despite our stance that social service is and should stay a national topic, current national policy has forced municipalities to take up more responsibilities, while reducing the means available to them. This will eventually make a municipality incapable of being responsible of the consequences resulting from the unsocial policies that the past cabinets have put in place and implemented. In this case, common courtesy demands tribute, like increasing municipal taxes.

If there is a need for new businesses, then they are allowed to establish. However, we prefer the establishment of big companies near the A12 highway.

The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of windmills, if the profits go to the Wageningen community (No ''Nuon-mills'').

Management of nature areas
SP thinks management of nature areas is a provincial task.

Important measures for environmental policy should be taken on a national level. Seperate policy of Wageningen is useless.

At the moment, waste in Wageningen is properly recycled.

School buildings
The quality of school buildings is currently insufficient. In addition, there should be more classrooms.

No kid should leave primary education without a swimming diploma. The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of supporting swimming education for schools.

Young people have the right for place and the Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of good facilities for the youth. The ''Oude Bijenhuis'' should be active again. A youth society like Unitas deserves a good location.

Lonely students
International students should be able to actively participate in our community.

Social assistance
Income support is a right. If people have to work, they should be paid proper wages.

Health care
Good health care is a right and should be available to everybody.

We will remain vigilant in attempting to realise good health care for everyone.

Softdrugs (weed)
The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of legalising and regulating the selling and growing of soft drugs for the Dutch market. Legalising and regulating of soft drugs prevents organised crime from earning loads of money with the illegal production and trade in soft drugs. Legalisation and regulation also leads to a steep decline in police and justice expenses, and leads to increased profits from taxation. The focus should be on prevention and giving proper education on the matter.

Ring road
The use for a ring road has still not been proven. Until then, the municipality should not cooperate in the building of a ring road.

Parking spots
The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of big parking lots on the edges of the town centre. As long as this has not been realised, we do not want visitors of the town centre to park in residential areas.

Public transport
Public transport should be improved, for example by a fast lane bus towards Arnhem.

Welstand rules
Welstand rules (rules regarding architectural quality of building plans) are at the moment too patronizing. However, we do not agree with completely abolishing these rules.

Building starter- and studentaccomodation
The Socialist Party (SP) demands both to be built. This would have been possible for example at the Dreijen, however other parties have chosen for bigger housing, despite the low demand for these types of housing.

Student accommodation can be build in the region. However, if this is not happening the municipality, the WUR and Idealis should solve this problem together.

Housing for everyone
There is a big shortage in cheap housing for starters and people with low budgets. Transformation of these houses to student housing, followed by commercial renting, is undesirable.

Social housing
The Socialist Party (SP) is in favour of at least 30% of all new buildigs be social rent housing. A housing survey has showed that there is a great demand for this type of housing in Wageningen.

Growth of Wageningen
''The growth of Wageningen should be limited'' is an empty shell. Why should the growth be limited? Yes, we think that you should not simply build (expensive) housing for (employees and students of) the university; this will not improve the city. However, the Dutch population is still growing and we feel that we, also in Wageningen, should offer space for those who, for example, are searching for a place to live in the Netherlands. Everyone who has something to offer to our colourful and diverse society is welcome. Thus, that Wageningen should not be able to grow is nonsense; Wageningen should not be an extended campus full of (expensive) apartment buildings.

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